Vishuddi, or the fifth Chakra stands for the elements of voice and truth within your being, providing you with the power to speak the truth and voice your own expression of self. The organic cinnamon, organic ginger, and organic orange peel in this herbal tea will provide your body with an effective system of defense and immunity against pathogens and infections as well as providing an abundance of antioxidants. Also boosters of immunity, the organic marshmallow root and organic echinacea root ward off the common cold and causes of sore throats. The organic cloves and organic fennel infused into this chakra 5 loose leaf tea blend will remove toxins from the body quicker and soothe inflammation in the digestive system. The licorice root adds a spice to the taste of the tea and enhances the function of all of the herbs contained within the tea.

Affirmation: “I live in truth and speak with kindness and love”

Chakra 5 Throat organic tea