The fourth Chakra brings together both the spiritual as well as the physical elements of yourself in a central location, encompassing lymphatic system and the central organ of the heart. The fourth Chakra is called Anahata and allows you to accept the flaws of yourself and those around you and well as compassionately forgive yourself and those around you. The components of organic Hawthorne berries and organic Hawthorne leaves in this herbal tea will help keep blood pressure balanced and reduce cholesterol levels. Organic green rooibos and organic rosehips effectively help in the prevention of cancer and encourage weight loss. The last touch of organic rose petals in this loose leaf herbal tea will intensity the bodies abilities to detoxify itself through the liver, kidneys, and digestive system.

Affirmation: “I am compassionate and unconditionally give & receive love”

Chakra 4 "Heart" Tea